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Au cœur de la Gascogne, sur le plateau de Lectoure, le Domaine d’Arton s’étend sur 50 hectares. Le Domaine produit différents vins de qualité et une rare eau-de-vie d’appellation Haut Armagnac contrôlée.

The Arton Domaine of 50 hectares lies on the plateau of Lectoure, in the heart of Gascony. The Domaine produces several quality winesand a rare Haut Armagnac contrôlé brandy.


Gascony. It is a name that has reverberated around this region since time immemorial and that actually refers to an ancient principality located in the South-West of France. At the former heart of this principality was what is currently the ‘département’ of the Gers. This land that incites passion and that has been the scene of great blood-letting in the past, has a topography that offers the eye no flat relief. As one approaches Lectoure, the lie of the land starts to dance a merry jig as thousands of hills rise and fall in rhythm with the ages, creating a play of restful lines, row upon row of undulating horizons, that shimmer in a beautiful blue haze as dusk falls in the summer months. This extremely fertile region has an air of Tuscany about it with its exquisite views and carefully tended patterns on the land drawn by the hand of the farmers of the region. Gascony, this generous region, this land of plenty, goes locally under the nickname of ‘pays de cocagne’. Our distant ancestors took a great liking to this region and here in the grounds of the d’Arton estate we discovered evidence of their ancient presence in a prehistoric cave that had apparently been inhabited for a long time. A long, long time after came the Romans who adopted this region as one of their own and apparently, judging from the old coin bearing a portrait of Emperor Antonin the Pious who succeeded Hadrian and that we found in the grounds of d’Arton in the plot that we have named the ‘Deux Cèdres’, we are actually walking in their footsteps today. What a wonderful heritage and good augur for our new venture. Over the centuries Gascony has become a symbol par excellence of abundance and prosperity. The local residents were able to live self-sufficiently off this land where just about anything will grow.

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