Armagnac is not brandy. It retains the living character of the wine, the signature of the grape variety and the year.
Our vintages reveal the exceptional terroir of Haut-Armagnac AOC.
Expert in “single casks”, Château Arton is the birthplace of the first white Armagnac, created in 1986.

The Domaine D’Arton Vineyard

The Arton domaine is true terroir. Authentic. Abrupt. A spirited land of rocks and hillsides.
A land of contrasts, at once both wild and mapped out. A land where the light,
season after season, pulsates within the ochre soils and the warm stones of the charterhouses.

Sustainable Winemaking

At the Arton vineyard, Nature may be generous but also must be respected.
Artisans of time, we know how to listen to and respect her rhythms. Patience is our wisdom.

Master Cooper Gilles Bartholomo

Gilles Bartholomo is a craftsman with hands of gold. He is the last of the master coopers in the region,
located in Frêche, in the Landes. He constructs his barrels entirely by hand from Gascon black oak,
according to ancestral know-how. These are the same barrels used to age our Armagnacs as well as
our wines La Croix Reserve and Victoire. The quality of these pieces is essential in producing an exceptional Armagnac.


The certification of both the provenance and the integrity of our wines and Armagnacs with transparency is our commitment to you. It is a commitment to fundamental quality, which has inspired our winemaking project from its inception. Because there cannot be Armagnac without wine, and there cannot be wine without grapes, planting our own vines was an obvious choice!

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