The Château de Lacquy estate lies in Gascony, approximately 110 kilometres south of Bordeaux, in the Landes area of Gascony known as Bas-Armagnac. Owned by the same family since 1711, Château de Lacquy is the oldest family-owned estate producing Armagnac. Run for over 300 years by successive generations of men and women who are passionate about their calling, the estate is a veritable journey in time due to this remarkable stability and continuity.

Producing Armagnac since 1711

Château de Lacquy is the oldest family-run maker of Armagnac.

In the early 1700’s, the expanding aristocracy and the growth of a wealthy bourgeoisie in the United Kingdom and in Scandinavia created a strong demand for eaux-de-vie. The development of seafaring trade, both merchant ships and the Navy also helped fuel the growth in demand for Armagnac and Cognac. Makers of Armagnac and Cognac were compelled to organise.

This is the historical context in which the purchase of Château de Lacquy took place in 1711, towards the end of the reign of King Louis XIV, for the purpose of making Armagnac. Since 1711, the Château de Lacquy has remained in the hands of the same family. Today, the current owner, Gilles de Boisséson, is the tenth generation at the helm of Château Lacquy.

Discover the Domain

Château de Lacquy is a good example of a Gascony family estate making Armagnac and also active in other crops such as wheat and vegetables.

The château was built in 1777 on the same place where the former seignorial manor once stood. The current winery, built in 1876 to age the Armagnac, is a very traditional construction built with stone and wood and roofed with terra cotta tiles. Every aspect of the winery contributes to the ideal conditions for ageing Armagnac. The thickness of the walls, the narrow windows, the floor of beaten earth, the insulation provided by the wood-framed attic and the tiled roof, the shade that surrounds it, and the natural ventilation all ensure constant humidity and very small temperature variations which are conducive to ageing Armagnac.

All of this means that the estate vineyards, dedicated to the production of Armagnac, thrive in an exceptional, well-preserved setting of ecological biodiversity.

Our Armagnacs

he Armagnacs from Château de Lacquy are widely recognised for their elegance, their finesse, their roundness, their lingering finish and their superb aromatic complexity. Armagnacs from Château de Lacquy are highly feminine, devoid of aggressivity and beautifully balanced. They develop infinite aromas of fresh fruit, candied fruit, spice, tobacco, cocoa, vanilla, walnut, cream, toasted brioche and other notes. Each year, each blend differs from previous years and gives unique complexity.

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