The purest tradition in Armagnac. Vintage Armagnacs, cask strength, in single casks and an Armagnac aged in a SOLERA system. We are the 4th generation of Armagnac producers at Château de Léberon.

The Château de Léberon is a stately mansion, listed among the Monuments Historiques.

Its construction started in the 13th century, when the ‘Hundred Years‘ War was raging across Gascony. The castle was then a medieval fortress with a building design typical of the Gascon castles of the day: square main body flanked by two round towers. At this time, the Lord of Léberon was very powerful, as witnessed by the walls of the Château’s chapel. Indeed one can find there a ‘double Litre’, a very rare honorific pictorial work.

Later during the Renaissance the castle changed appearances. Italian architects added several extensions to the building, they erected a spiral staircase and opened up large mullion windows… One of these extensions reveals a remarkable framework resembling a reversed boat hull. Since then, its configuration has been made more welcoming and suitable for accommodation. At this time the agricultural property was already developing vineyards whose reputation would only improve. At the 17th century, the Lord of Léberon, Louis XIV’s aide-de-camp, promoted the produce of his estate at the Court of Versailles. In the late 18th century, the old Château would gradually be abandoned.

It was only to know its revival and its current aspect in 1939, when Osmin Rozès bought the property. A lot of important restoration work was then undertaken. Nowadays it remains the family home.

HVE Certified

Domaine de Pellehaut is HVE certified (level 3) for High Environmental Value

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