Since 1838, the house of DARTIGALONGUE has also belonged to the same family
that continues to create, age and blend the most beautiful fruits of the terroir in the region in a warm
and welcoming atmosphere giving priority to sharing, meeting and to those happy moments spent together.

Sharing Gives Great Pleasure

It was in 1817, under the reign of Louis XVIII that Pascal Dartigalongue was born.
Coming from a family of winegrowers based in Saint Lannes near to Madiran, he spent his childhood
in the heart of the vineyards surrounded by wine and « Eau-de-Vie » (as Armagnac was called at the time).
In 1838, under the reign of Louis Philippe, he settled down in Nogaro thanks to the 10 000 gold Francs
that his father gave him of his share of the family business that he had to leave to his elders.
His beginnings were hard, but very quickly he understood that Armagnac was a product for export.
His Armagnacs, sold in barrels, found markets in Belgium, Holland, England and even already in the USA.

Creation is an Art

The Dartigalongue family carefully selects its white eaux-de-vies made from the white wines of three varieties
– Ugni Blanc (for the fruit) – Baco 22A (specific to AOC Armagnac – for the structure) and Folle Blanche (for the finesse).

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