Founded in 1807 by Jean Boingneres, Domaine Boingneres is one of the oldest Armagnac house
still in operation. More than 200 years of legacy, Martine Lafitte, fifth generation
sole heiress of bred and born Gascogne, continue to preserve the domaine’s prestige tradition.

Domaine Boingneres grows only Cepage Nobels, Colombard, Ugni Blanc but best known for their production
of Folle Blanche. Their Folle-Blanche Armagnac has been a benchmark for single grape
Armagnac producers because of its fruitiness and fragrance.

The estate situated in the middle of Bas-Armagnac Terroirs and produced between 25-40 casks of
Armagnac per year based on estate harvest each year. The Eau de Vie was distilled from their own
in-house still, one of the most beautiful shiny copper columns still in Gascony.

With starting alcohol strength around low 50%, the clear spirit retained all flowery aroma and
intense characteristics. Domaine Boingneres Folle-Blanche white Armagnac fetch highest price in the region.

Madame Lafitte only released exceptional vintages. Eventhough her chais (cellars) housed quite
a large number of casks, Domaine Boingeres only offer no more than 15 different vintages,
1 blend expression (5 ans) and Blanche Armagnac made with 100% Folle-Blanche.


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