“Pellehaut” gets its name from the Roman or mediaeval word pila (meaning any kind of solid, pillar-like construction).The presence two kilometres away of mosaics decorated with vines at the Gallo-Roman site of Séviac bears witness to the fact that vines were already grown at Pellehaut in Roman times.

Our Vineyard

Situated on the slopes surrounding Château de Pellehaut, at an elevation of over 180m, the vineyard is set in an ideal terroir with maximum exposure to the sun. Protected by the Pyrenees, the Gers region also has the advantage of relatively low rainfall in summer. The vineyard forms the heart of this traditional farming business run by Martin and Mathieu Béraut. The two brothers have conserved the balance of crops introduced by their father, Gaston, 50 years ago.

Our Sustainable Practices

Pellehaut was the first Armagnac estate to make a big push on sustainability and is now one of the highest-rated producers in France in terms of its eco-friendliness and biodiversity. Visit the estate and you’ll be greeted by cows feasting on leftover grapes, which in turn helps to make fertiliser for
the vineyards. It has also embraced the trend for serving spirits over ice by releasing Age de Glace (‘Ice Age’), a young, floral spirit packed with aromas of stone fruit and spice, designed to be served on the rocks.

One result of the Grenelle de l’Environnement process, HVE certification (HVE being the French acronym for “high environmental value”) is recognised by the French government in the same way as the AOP appellation of origin, Label Rouge quality certification and the organic farming label Agriculture Biologique. It is aimed at promoting and guaranteeing environmentally friendly farming practices by farmers.

HVE Certified

Domaine de Pellehaut is HVE certified (level 3) for High Environmental Value

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